On June 1, 2007, European Union Regulation No. 1907/2006 entered into effect. This regulation – referred to as REACH in the following – relates to the registration, evalutation and autorisation of chemical substances and the relative restrictions.

„Candidate List“

In accordance with the regulation, the European Chemicals Agency ECHA publishes on ist website a „candidate list“ of substances of high concern.

Conformity & Measures

We, Feller Pivotages AG have in joint cooperation with our suppliers assessed the safety of our products in respect of all constituent substances. No substances figuring on the « candidate list » have been detected in concentrations exceeding 0.1 mass %. We shall in future check our substances inventory periodically against the « candidate list » and will notify customers through our web site should any substances be detected in concentrations in excess of 0.1 mass %. Consequently, customers will at all times be in a position to review at all relevant information in accordance with par. 33 in respect of downstream purchasers and users. Thus Feller Pivotages AG fulfills its obligation to disclose information concerning substances contained in its products in compliance with Art. 33 of the above-mentioned regulation.

Grenchen, March 2017

Feller Pivotages AG

Martin Rüegsegger